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The Artist

Sculptor and Owner

Professional sculptor for 34 years, wildlife painter
Specializing in Eagles from 3’-18’+

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Sculptor and Owner


Chester Fields | Young ArtistImagine an American bald eagle swooping down in full flight to snatch a rainbow trout from an icy mountain stream and you have the composition Splashdown. Dynamic movement of the meticulously carved body is captured in bronze, while the splashing water, head and tail are cast in stainless steel with gold-plated eyes, beak and feet.

Because collectors continued to request Splashdown, Fields created a monumental piece featuring a 12-foot-high eagle. Half a dozen have since been sold, one of which was purchased by Anheuser-Busch Companies as the dramatic focus for their new nine-story, 370,000-square-foot world headquarters building in St. Louis, Missouri.

The sculpture received so much attention that Mr. August Busch III took the time to write Mr. Fields a personal letter in which he notes, “The quality and attention to detail in your workmanship is a perfect fit with the traditions of our company. We will look forward to enjoying it for many years to come.”

Chester Fields | Painting

The beautiful Splashdown monument can also be found in 2002 Feature Home Special Publication of Trends Magazine, where the monumental piece makes a striking declaration of a successful mission outside JIT Electronics Pte Ltd founder, Mr. Tommie Goh’s home—winner of the 1999 S

Chester Fields | Fawn

Fields’ eagles have such universal appeal that he is represented by a number of prestigious galleries in the United States and Canada. His attention to fine detail has captured the attention of over 750 private collectors and businesses from over 20 nations around the globe—including Harley Davidson, Chevron Corporation, Lockheed Martin, The Royal Family of Saudi Arabia, Sultan of Brunei, and Kristy Yamaguchi—and has set him in an elite group of artists who find success in this challenging field.

Chester Fields | Splashdown

Fields explains that his intense interest in the eagle, which he has painted and sculpted for more than 28 years, was an evolution that continued to build since he first encountered them as a child. Born in The Dalles, Oregon and raised in British Columbia, the artist spent his youth observing, drawing, and painting his surroundings. The beautiful Northwest inspired him each time he opened his door to the cattle ranches and wheat farms he worked on as boy.

His childhood was very demanding of him, requiring many hours of hard labor and numerous relocations. His hard work only drove his passions and seeded his dedication. Fields spent his free time with pencil and paints in hand—his passion for the beauty around him and firsthand experience observing each subject is revealed through his detailed and unique style.

Shortly after graduating from a graphic design program at a college in Spokane, Washington, Fields was drafted into the Army. An assignment as staff artist at an American base in Germany provided him with the opportunity to visit the great museums of Europe. For two years, Fields soaked up works by da Vinci, Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Michelangelo and Rodin, studying their techniques in detail.

Chester Fields | Young

When Fields returned home, he worked briefly as a commercial designer in an international electronics sign company, a job that eventually launched his career as a professional artist. He began with two-dimensional art, painting in acrylic and egg tempera, creating images of the things he knew best—the birds and animals of his native northwest country.

As these paintings began to sell at shows and galleries, he received recognition from prestigious groups such as the Western Artists of America. After 20 years in the business, his works had escalated into the $30,000 to $50,000 range. These coveted paintings, which first launched his career, are now being released in limited edition giclées to answer many collectors’ requests.

The early successes of his signature paintings encouraged him to accept new challenges and bring the images on his brushed canvases to life in three-dimensional form. While stationed in Europe, Fields had

Chester Fields | Owl

fallen in love with the ageless beauty of bronze sculpture and now it was time to try his own hand at this time-honored medium.

When choosing subject matter for his bronzes, Fields knew birds would be a popular choice. The artist finally narrowed his selection to the eagle because it has a universality that makes it a popular image even in the international marketplace. The Fierce power and beauty of the swift, far-seeing eagle captures the vibrant spirit of the wilderness.

Graceful and majestic, the eagle is among the most revered of all creatures. Far more ancient than the age of man, the eagle race dates back twenty-five million years somewhere along the Asian coast of the south Pacific. Inhabiting practically every part of the world, the eagle is borderless in its appeal and puts man’s own existence into perspective.


Chester has sold over 750 eagles sculptures to the following countries: United States: nearly every state in the Union, Africa, Australia, Brunei, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.
Professional Wildlife Sculptor 1984 – Present
Professional Wildlife Painter 1974 – 1984
Illustrator / Draftsman 1968 – 1974
Portfolio of 24 sculpture compositions



  • Anheuser Busch, Mr. August A. Busch III, St. Louis, Missouri: 12’ Splashdown Monument
  • Chevron Corporation Gift to Japan:6’ Majestic Courtship
  • Washington State University, Pullman Washington: 15’ Cougar Monument
  • Eagle Point Golf Course, Bloomington, Indiana:
  • 12’ Splashdown Monument
  • Harley Davison: 3’ Attack
  • John Schnatter, Papa John’s Pizza, Louisville, Kentucky:18’ Majestic Courtship Monument
  • Jepson Corporation: 4’ Splashdown
  • Tommie Goh, Jit Electronics, Ltd., Singapore: 11′ 6″ Splashdown Monument


  • Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Gold Medalist: Customized 4’ Thunderbird
  • Private Collector, San Diego, California: 12’ Splashdown Monument
  • Private Collector for Lebanon: 6’ Where Eagles Dare
  • Royal Family of Saudi Arabia: 6’ Majestic Courtship, Splashdown, Attack
  • Sultan of Brunei: 4’ Splashdown
  • Greg Norman, Golf Pro: 6’ Majestic Courtship


  • “Western Artists of America” Gold Meal Recipient
  • Museum of Native American Culture Artists’ Society
  • North American wild Animal Exhibition,
  • National Cowboy Hall of Fame and Western Heritage Center
  • World’s Fair Endangered Species Exhibit
  • Cheney Cowles Memorial State Museum
  • C.M. Russell Art Show, exhibited 11 years
  • Winner, Best Sculpture Award, 1985
  • Dallas Art Exhibition, 1984
  • Favell Museum Permanent Collection
  • International Wildlife, Western and American Art show, Chicago, 1985
  • Los Angeles Art Expo, 1987
  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum and
  • 1986 “Birds in Art” National Museum Tour
  • New York Art Exposition, 1985
  • Safari Club International, Reno 1998
  • Sixth Annual Audubon Art Exhibition
  • Washington State University—Permanent Collection
  • Western Artist of America
  • Western Rendezvous of Art,
  • Montana Historical Society


  • The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida
  • Favell Museum, Klamath Falls, Oregon
  • Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin


  • 11’ Attack Monument, Sedona, Arizona
  • 12’ Splashdown Monument, Sedona, Arizona

The Clients

Who We Create For

Coldwell Banker | Gary Schneidmiller



Washington State University

John Johnson

Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Coldwell Banker

Gary Schneidmiller


PDX, Inc. and Kenneth A. Hill Investment Group, Inc.

Kenneth A. Hill


Johnson & Wales University

John J. Bowen


Washington State University just completed a renovation of our own football stadium. To celebrate the renovation, we wanted to commission an artist to produce a “life-like” bronze representation of a cougar, which is our mascot. We completed an exhaustive nation- wide search to find an artist who could emulate and invoke the emotions of being a “WSU Cougar” to all of our students and alumni. During this process, it became evident that Mike and Chet Fields were “top of the class” in this regard and thus commissioned them to complete this very important project. The Fields’ are internationally renowned with examples of their work displayed throughout the world.

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Mike and Chet exceeded our expectations with the creation of “Cougar Pride”. The statue is located in our plaza adjacent to the stadium and has become the most prominent gathering place for our alumni and students. The project came in under budget, on time and the product was simply outstanding. As important, the Fields’ were extremely professional, attentive to detail and a joy to work with. They spent hundreds of hours researching to make sure that they captured the exact look and feel that we envisioned in our bronze sculpture.

The Fields’ also created a way for “Cougar Pride” to continue to give back to WSU with the creation and sale of the replicas of the monument. The sale of the replicas has proved to be extremely successful and has further ingrained the “Cougar Pride” monument in hearts and souls of our fans, as well as, generated much needed revenue for our program.
Again, it is without hesitation that I would like to recommend Mike and Chet Fields as the artists for your project. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you would like to discuss their work in greater detail.

Best Regards,

John Johnson Senior Associate Director of Athletics

Thanks for this opportunity to recommend your services. As the donor of our Cougar Pride monument at Washington State University I am pleased to assure the organization that you were the perfect fit for our stadium project.

The result of the 14′ Cougar mascot installation at WSU has been monumental in its own right. The stadium entry plaza within which our new Cougar is located has not only become the front door of the stadium, but is a new center of pride and interest for our Cougar nation. Your bronze is now clearly the most photographed feature on our campus and is becoming an amazing new icon for our university.

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We were pleased with the incredible quality of the work and the timeliness within which you were able to deliver. Our committee understood that we were expecting a lot in a relatively short time. We were pleased that you met every deadline that we required of you. Our search for artists was national in nature and we were simply fortunate that you live close to our campus. That is not why you were selected. The quality and timelessness of your body of work made our decision unanimous. Out entire university family is very proud of the result of your efforts. As the graduate who funded the effort I could not have been more pleased.

I am confident that any member of our project team would be happy to chat about the project. Everyone involved is proud to have been a part of the great result.

Gary Schneidmiller, Broker Owner

It is with great enthusiasm that I write a recommendation for Chet and Mike Fields. I have had the privilege of owning several of the Fields pieces. The grandest being the 12′ Eagle “Attack Monument”. This is without a doubt a magnificent piece.

Working with Chet and Mike has been a pleasure for me and my staff. Their attention to detail went beyond our greatest expectations. The time and dedication they spent working on the monument, polishing from early morning to late evening just to meet their own requirements and making…

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…sure it was set perfectly showed me an incredible work ethic and a personal pride that radiates in their art! Our Eagle is set high above Possum Kingdom Lake and has been enjoyed by people visiting and living all
around this lake.

If you are considering working with Chester and Mike Fields I am confident you will be as pleased with their art as you will be with their personal character…

Kenneth A. Hill

PDX, Inc. and Kenneth A. Hill Investment Group, Inc.

Chairman of the Board

As chancellor of Johnson & Wales University, First Lady Kathleen Harney and I have had the privilege of working with artist Mike Fields over the past year. The university commissioned Mike to create a statue of a wildcat, the university’s mascot, to be installed at all four of our campuses. Mike is an incredibly determined and focused artist, and his dedication to his passion and career has resulted in a stunning bronze sculpture that has reached far beyond what we imagined.

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Not only is Mike a talented artist, he possesses business skills that have endeared him to those at the university who have joined us in the Wildcat statue project. In particular, Mike:

• Has an incredible eye for detail, not just aesthetically, but from a business perspective as well;
• Met deadlines quite easily;
• Communicated well and consistently;
• Displayed a high level of professionalism throughout the project;
• Treated every JWU employee with whom he worked with respect and patience; and
• Created a high-quality, stunning product that is admired by everyone on our campus.

Mike is unique as he is extraordinarily creative and talented artistically, yet he understands client relationsand efficiency. From the very beginning, we knew Mike was the right choice as he listened, questioned us and worked hard to fully grasp our vision. As a result, he was infinitely successful in capturing our wants and needs in the Wildcat. It is without a doubt that this Wildcat is ours – the result of a true team effort between Mike and the university.

In our current strategic plan – 2017: The Centennial Plan – Johnson & Wales University has expressed our commitment to enhancing the experience of our students, from investing more in our athletics programs to ramping up our “school spirit.” In the short time the Wildcat has been installed at our Providence Campus, it has already created an incredible buzz amongst our students, faculty and staff, who are truly excited by its presence. We look forward to continuing our work with Mike to place the remaining sculptures on our other campuses, and would highly recommend him to others looking for an artist who can understand and effectively translate the needs and desires of others.
John J. Bowenn ’77



Who We Work With

Polich Tallix

State of the art foundry located in New York. At Polich Tallix, creating and making art is led by the quest for technological excellence, superb craftsmanship and an understanding and respect for artists and their work.

Our Process

How We Do It

The process of creation takes place in different ways, but all depend on creative perception grounded in observation
  • Observe

    Observe with sensitivity to get at the essence of the subject or to gain a fresh and original perception and design.

  • Design

    Design can be one of the most creative parts of the process. Design can be a movement through iterations until refinement, or it can be in a flash.

  • Create

    The concept is translated into the physical. What was once merely a vague perception becomes reality. The challenge in execution is maintaining the same level of creativity present in the original perception.

  • Market

    Even the greatest creation will not lead to success without marketing.

  • Enjoy

    Take a moment. Enjoyment leads to creation.

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